Happy or content?

One emotion

Do you ever feel like the decisions you make are always wrong…if only you would have done this instead of that, your life would be different? It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George says something along those lines, than changes his sandwich order, is honest to some super hot chick about being unemployed, and she totally goes for him. The episode is a crack up but really, not real life. We make our choices, hoping that the decisions we choose serve us well, and continue to push forward.

Being frozen in time, not knowing which path to take, makes you second guess everything. Do you “live in the moment” as Portugal the Man suggests or do you continue to try and plan your life? For those of us who crave organization and order, throwing caution to the wind is uncomfortable, to say the least. I want to know what is waiting for me, how i can prepare, what obstacles i might face. In a world of disaray and uncertainty, i need some kind of constant. I realize that is what i am lacking. There is not one person, aside from my own children, that i know will always be there. I hate being fearful yet it is the one emotion that is part of my everday.

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