Happy or content?

Nothing special

Last year at this time my life looked completely different.  I was planning a future with a man that I loved with every ounce of who I was.  When we were together, it seemed like nothing else mattered.  We could get through anything, knowing that we had each other.

Mid week, normal, nothing special happening…

Me (11:37am): Just pulling into garage, appt at 1145, How does your schedule look

Dr (11:38am):  Good-text when appt all done

Me (11:40am):  You prob need to look at my outfit before I change

Dr (11:46am):  Exactly

Me (12:23pm):  Done, do you have time for me?

Dr (12:25pm): Yeah-where did ya park?

Me (12:26pm):  2 spots down from you, it was crowded

Dr (12:26pm):  ok, wanna meet there in 5?

Me (12:27pm):  Yep

Just a quick hello and goodbye, half work day, going to the hospital gym after.  He always made my heart skip a beat when I saw him.

Me (1:59pm):  Done, feel like giving me another kuss from the unlimited supply?

Dr (2:02pm):  K at the car (car emoji), I will kiss you and perhaps kuss as well.  Text me when you are back

Me (2:08pm):  Come up to H level, third car in on the left

Dr (2:10pm): K

This conversation is nothing special, just a reminder that I am not totally insane.  What we had was real.  I have done a lot of thinking over the past couple weeks and realize I hate sharing.  I am still young, deserve to have a full life.  Being with a partner does not make your life full, that is not what I am saying.  I don’t want to settle for someone giving me an hour or two a day.  I want the back and forth, the good and the bad.  I want all of life.

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