Happy or content?

Saturday morning gym and…

Saturday morning meet up planned at the gym with an extra office session.  He was heading home to study (surgeon boards) and me to the tailor.

Dr(11:54am):  Here’s a playlist for you…The National (link for The National playlist by the doctor on our music app)

Me(12:49pm):  These are not typos, read the words as I have typed

Tailor, “You no losa weight, right? Me, “nope, actually gained weight.”  Tailor, “Isa muscle, so its ok” so then I put the pants on, I have to hold my tank up a little so he can put the pins in.  Tailor, “youa nice and flat”…taps my tummy a few times.  Once again, another pass.

Dr(12:52pm):  Ha that’s great-love it!!

Me(2:43pm):  Your possible future home can be rented first, like as a trial.  http://www.peacevansseattle.com.  I happened to be reading a travel magazine and there was an article about these vans and where to find them.  Ok, back to studying.  heart emoji

Dr(2:47pm):  Sweet van dude!!

Dr(2:48pm):  You so funny

Dr(3:02pm):  Picture of his computer screen, binder, and a beer.  Here’s my little setup

Me(3:08pm):  That’s very official.  I am very proud of you for buckling down.  You have a lot of will power.  I just wanted to sit and rub you.

Dr(3:11pm):  Ah yes-I use that as motivation to get working!!

Me(3:11pm):  pic of piles of give away items, boxes.  This is my mess that I have to sort.

Dr(3:12pm):  Arrgh-you can do it-you’re a good organizer

Me(3:14pm):  I will, def…this is the project for this month.  Can only plan for this month.

Dr(3:14pm):  True

Me(3:15pm):  Thanks for my playlist.  Its like you are here with me.

Dr(3:17pm):  Yes sure-very dark and brooding but peaceful.

Me(3:47pm):  Can you massage me Friday?

Dr(4:02pm): Yes ma’am-all over!! and over, and over again!!

Me(4:04pm):  That’s what I was hoping for.  You prob have to be naked, so you don’t feel restricted

Dr(4:04pm):  Of course-wouldn’t want to tear my jean skirt and all

*I hopped up into his truck the week before and was extra careful not to tear the slit in the jean skirt I was wearing.

Me(4:06pm):  Right?  Good thinking

Me(4:07pm):  You make me giggle

Dr(4:09pm):  hugging face emoji

Me(9:35pm):  I am across the street from the hospital, waiting alone in my car for teenagers to finish at the restaurant.  If you were here, we could make out a little.

Dr(9:40pm):  Ah you’re so cute-I’m finishing up Fargo (fx TV series) since my brain is fried from all my studying-then hitting the sack-so lame on a Sat night

Me(9:42pm):  Wont be forever.  No beach tmw.  What time might you head to the gym?

Dr(9:43pm): I’ll say sweet dreams now my dear-still 50/50 on the workout tomorrow.  kissie face emoji.  kinda want to see how I feel but if I go it will be like 10am-ish

Me(9:44pm):  Sleep well.  Text me if you go.  Love you


Me(9:11am):  Happy father’s day

Dr(9:12am):  Thanks babe

Dr(9:14am): No gym for me this am-sorry-kinda need to hang here for the kids

Me(9:17am): Totally understand.  They are lucky to have you.  As am I.

Dr(9:20am): kissie face emoji

Dr(3:22pm): picture of his pet cat, Lazy pus

Me(3:23pm): very regal

Dr(3:29pm): Driving to soccer game now-text ya later

*As a side note, I have never been a huge social media person.  When we started seeing each other, he asked me to get an Instagram account so he could share videos from concerts etc with me.  On this particular day, he added pics from the soccer game he and his son went to.  When he went to various events, he had said to make sure I logged on because this was another way to communicate without talking.

Me(9:30pm): Want to be sure I caught you before you go to sleep.  I hope you enjoyed the day with the kids.  Can’t wait to hear about the homemade gift and the game.  Good luck with marathon call.  I will be at the hospital in the late afternoon tmw.  I will text you when I am there, at least to say hi.  I love you very much.  Have sweet dreams.

Dr(9:32pm):  Thanks cutie-see you soon have a good night sleep

Next day…

Arrived at the hospital for a quick pick up of supplies for my office.  No text beforehand, just a quick in and out and I was lucky to see him chatting by the elevator.  I smiled and waved but kept walking.

Dr(3:51pm):  Hey-you look so fine! I’m going from office to OR but have 5 min-where’d you go  *FYI-I did look exceptional on this particular day

Me(3:52pm):  I will meet you at your elevators, 1 min

Dr(3:52pm):  On ground floor

Me(3:54pm):  Yep, here now unless you tell me differently

Dr(3:54pm):  On my way

*While we sat and chatted, he made sure to comment on all of the people that stopped to chat or wave to me.  He said one guy even gave me the double look back.  I really hadn’t noticed as I couldn’t look away from what was right in front of me.  After my pick up, I went to the gym as this was my daily routine.  He was on call so I really had no intention of seeing him.  He often told me he had to remain laser focused when on call.  He didn’t like to even go home because it is a different level of thinking.  Surgery requires keen focus and it was hard to shift gears.  Although it was risky, as his partners could walk by at any moment-and no one knew of his home situation, he kissed me by those elevators that day.

Dr(6:01pm):  Finished my case and just walked down to 2 level twos-gonna be busy-let me know when you’re done and I’ll try and link up if it settles down

Me(6:03pm):  Ok, just really started.  If you get it mopped up and haven’t heard from me, text me.

Dr(6:03pm): K

As I lay on the mats, he surprised me like 45 minutes later.  He was still working, still had patients to see, but made it a point to stop in the gym, just to see me.  He walked me to my car, holding my hand through the hospital hallways, kissed me goodnight.  Asked if I was his, the question surprised me but the answer was easy, of course.

Me(9:51pm):  There are not enough words to explain how happy you make me.  I will always be yours. Sleep well love.

Dr(9:52pm):  xx oo




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