Happy or content?

I’ve mentioned that I re-read.  As an FYI, as you read our intimate texts, you may see what it took me months to realize.  I gave my love willingly.  He was reserved, measuring out each portion methodically, ensuring to never give too much.  There is the cynical me breaking through.

The background that you need to be aware of in most of these texts is that we often say soon.  This is from a children’s book.  The basis of the story is that the child in the book is anxious for the next thing to happen and this doctor of mine would often say soon, because we were both anxious to see each other.  He began added timing to it, like “less than 24 hours” because it helped to quantify for each of us.

The other bit of info is that a while back, I was bit by a spider.  It was not pretty, turned into cellulitis, needed IV antibiotics, twice.  This was after the second round.

Dr (7:42am):  How’s your arm today girly?

Me (8:01am):  Good, it is my understanding that it is up close and personal encounters that make people heal faster.  So, it is not quite better, I need more healing.

Dr(8:18am):  Ok

Me(8:21am):  Ok?  Hmmm

Dr(8:42am):  Yes you need a full day of up close healing – like sooooon, like… (we had a specific date planned)

Me(8:42am):  Soon

Dr (2:55pm):  Hey-text me when you get in so I can smooch you in the basement before the usual late afternoon trauma or onslaught

Me(2:56pm):  Got it

Me(2:57pm):  Can’t wait

Me(3:55pm):  I will be at the garage in 5 min

Me(4:04pm):  Here when you are ready

Dr(4:13pm):  I’ll be right there

Me(7:15pm):  Purely logistical text, I like when you sit in my car (it has sort of location which makes it non conversational)

Dr(7:16pm):  I love it (emoji smiley face with heart eyes)

Me(7:17pm):  heart emoji, again this is locational as you know where my heart is

Dr(7:17pm):  kissie face emoji

Me(8:01pm):  Do you need to get in the shower?  I am taking all my clothes off right now.

Dr(8:01pm):  Ah you temptress

Me(8:02pm):  Soon

Dr(8:02pm):  Soooooon

Me(9:01pm):  Night, less than 24 hours, love you very much

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