Happy or content?

One of the cute little pet names he had chosen was koala.  He said that when I wrapped myself around him, that is what I reminded him of.  These terms of endearment meant so much to me, as I felt like it was a way that he showed how much he cared.

As an FYI, I used to be a very picky eater.  I did not eat seafood, my tagline was nothing from the sea.  Growing up, my parents never offered seafood so I assumed I didn’t like it.  This worked for my Dr. as he did not eat much either, hated shellfish.  The only thing I can say I really hate is raisins.  Even as I continue to expand my palette, raisins are not in the cards.  He knew this and liked to tease me a bit.  I didn’t mind.

Me(1:13pm):  pic of grapes, Grapes, before they are ruined.

Dr(1:27pm):  No no those are immature swollen liquid filled slimy juvenile sticky fragile lumps that need more time to fulfill their destiny.

Dr(1:27pm): as seen on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHDswoD_IxI

*this is a link for I heard it through the grapevine with dancing raisins

Me(1:38pm): The entire shop was dancing.  You are cute.

Dr(2:21pm): Hey my case for tomorrow got moved to 7:30 am so I should be done by 10 at the latest-then no plans but Nova!!

Me(2:21pm): Do you want company today?

Dr(2:21pm):  What time are you done?

Me(2:29pm): 4

Dr(2:31pm): I should be done by 4:30-garage rendezvous?

Me(2:32pm): Ok, I should get there by 445 latest.  I will text when I get there

Dr(2:33pm):  Perfect-don’t rush I’ve got plenty of office work at the end of patient hours

Me(2:34pm):  Ok.  Would rush bec I want to get out of here.  Its been a long few days

Dr(2:35pm):  I’ll be here

Me(5:02pm):  Here

Dr(5:03pm):  Ok give me 5-you in the Sweet spot?

Me(5:03pm):  No, taken

Dr(5:04pm):  Blimey!!


Me(9:46pm):  So you don’t need a diagram because you know every curve of my body.  I can story tell a bit though…As we reach the top of the steps, you grab me bec you can’t wait a moment longer, pulling me close at first, kissing me hard.  We are both breathless as we stand at the top of the steps.  Although you want to take me there, we make our way to the bedroom, shedding clothing along the way.  You lay me down, kissing every inch of my skin, starting first at my lips, tracing my nips first with your fingers, then your tongue.  You kiss down my stomach, ever so slightly, watching my face as I move in anticipation.  Let me know if you want me to continue.

Dr(9:48pm):  Yes but in real life-I’ll use your story line to start it

Me(9:49pm): Sounds like a plan

Me(9:55pm):  You can dream about the next part of the story. 12 hours. heart emoji

Next morning…

Dr(10:03am): Should be ready by 10:30 just a few loose ends left

Me(10:04am): Ok, just got here.  Chatting with a friend, text me when you are done.

Dr(10:04am): K

Dr(10:42am): Ok I’m heading to my car in the basement now

Me(10:43am): Me too

This day was perfect.  It feels like only yesterday.  We spent hours together.  Just driving in the car together was such a gift.  Our smiles came easily, it was relaxed and fun.  We talked about what he wanted to do when he could no longer operate.  Being on call was exhausting, with very little down time.  The schedule he kept was to ensure his children had every advantage. He was currently studying in every spare moment as it was creeping up to the time to retake his surgery boards.  Even finding the time to read for this test is exhausting.  I promised that he could lay next to me and I would read the material to him. Some of our very early conversations, as in any friendship, were about shows that we both enjoyed.  Seinfeld was at the top of both of our lists and we often would refer to episodes, like many others do, that matched our own lives.  There is an episode where Elaine helps her boyfriend study and then he ends up breaking up with her.  I couldn’t quite remember this episode but he laughed and said he would find it for me.

He mentioned that he would like to teach down the road and the salary of a professor is not that of a surgeon.  I said to me that doesn’t matter, we could live out of a van eventually, of course one of the old VW vans, and just be, eating Ramen and being happy.   I only wanted him, penniless doesn’t change the person.

The afternoon was warm, windows open, a gentle breeze, just the sound of our own breathing.  He held me so close, told me that this was not just sex today, that he felt like he made love to me.  It brought tears to my eyes because I had felt the same.  There was something different.

In his childhood room, which had been refurnished since he had moved out, there was an antique dresser which he mentioned would eventually be his. It is a large piece, made of dark wood and heavy drawers.  As we lay wrapped in each other’s arms, he explained how much he loved the piece but that it would not fit in his current house and for now, it would just be put into storage.  His parent’s would be moving in the fall, their home already sold.  I offered my eventual new space as I was currently searching for an apartment, finalizing the separation with my own spouse. He laughed, stating that he would keep all of his white tee shirts (remember the $3 Hanes tee) in it.

We were chill the entire day, watched Napoleon Dynamite, he for the 100th time, me for the first.  It is not Oscar worthy but his laugh is infectious.  I was included on the simple joy he got from eating a cheese steak, drinking a beer, and laughing at his favorite movie.  He walked me through his parent’s house-which was his childhood home, they were out of town, showing me the places that he used to hide, that his own children use now.  He pointed out special things from his childhood that he remembered, items that would eventually come to him when his parents were no longer living and why he felt like they were important.  He said that these things would be ours one day.  As we walked around the grounds, he asked if I knew why he brought me to this house.  I wasn’t sure what to say.  He said that one day, when we are old and he is telling me a story from his childhood, he wanted me to be able to picture this place.  I could feel my heart leaping, this could not be real.

Me(6:34pm):  If I read the book, this can’t be the end result. heart emoji, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkTVquH2O9Y

Dr(6:36pm):  Ah classic you found it-gotta see the whole episode.  Btw I was a doctor before you so no worries

Dr(8:43pm):  So funny

Me(8:50pm):  I love your laugh

Dr(8:52pm):  I love your Elvis lip

*As an FYI, when I smile, my left upper lip comes up just a bit higher than my right.  I often refer to it as my Elvis lip

Me(9:43pm): I really loved being wrapped up in your arms today.  Sweet dreams.  Love you

Dr(9:45pm):  Night night cutie-I can still smell you coconut koala (koala emoji)

*My signature scent is coconut.  Nothing harsh, just my daily lotion has just a hint.  I used to hate it as I am plain Jane.  I always considered myself no frills, I don’t want the extra.

Just reading about this entire day makes me sigh, even still.




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